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Granted, every person who applies will have strengths and weaknesses.But it’s how you present your strengths and weaknesses that really counts.

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Although this may be embarrassing, it will hurt you a lot more in the long run to have someone write you a lukewarm or unenthusiastic letter of recommendation.

Remember, schools fully expect these letters to be glowing endorsements.

Recommendation letters, personal statements, and admission interviews are ways to showcase your talents and convince the school that you have what it takes.

Letters of recommendation are typically sent in the latter part of the application process with Secondary Applications.

Once you have garnered a positive response, be sure to provide your recommender with a resume to provide a more complete picture of you as a person.

If you have a strong academic record, you may want to include a copy of your transcript to showcase your academic prowess and consistency.The medical school application is your single best opportunity to convince a group of strangers that you would be an asset both to the school and to the medical profession.It’s your opportunity to show yourself as something more than grades and scores.However, it’s important that you start to think about and solicit your letters much earlier in the game.Admissions committees are generally very specific about from whom they want to receive letters on your behalf. You should do everything you can to give the medical schools exactly the kind of letters they have requested.You may also be asked to submit a letter by someone familiar with your clinical experience, research, or work history.[ GOOD TO KNOW: Who should write your medical school letters of recommendation?Sometimes a medical school will ask you for a “pre-med committee letter.” These letters are typically of two types: Either an original letter written by your undergraduate premedical committee on your behalf, or a summary of excerpts of comments made by individuals who have submitted letters (at your request) on your behalf.While the pre-med committee letter used to be a standard component of any applicant’s application, they are rarer today.However, letters cosigned by both the teaching assistant and professor are generally acceptable.In addition to the recommendations from science faculty, most medical schools request a letter from a humanities or social science professor, especially for non-science majors.


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