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The point is, if your resume or extracurriculars have a predominant theme, then hammer home that theme in a compelling personal statement.Sometimes a college or even high school course steers you towards a life in the law.

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Taking a look at your own personal experiences will be the key element to crafting the perfect personal statement. Go back through your life and make a chronology that includes: (1) academic, personal, and extracurricular accomplishments; (2) tragedies and obstacles overcome; (3) books or other pieces of writing that stuck with you over the years; (4) important/inspirational courses and professors you’ve taken; (5) meaningful jobs and volunteer work you’ve done; (6) the most important/inspirational people in your life and (7) if you’re leaning heavily towards a type of law you’d like to practice someday or a cause you’d like to serve using your legal education, then list in your chronology the events that pushed you in those directions.

Ask your 3 closest family members and 3 closest friends to list the qualities they admire most about you, and the accomplishments, obstacles overcome in life, and life and academic experiences that most immediately come to mind when they think of you.

It is important to note, that the purpose of the personal statement remains the same across the board.

This is regardless of the level at which applicant is requested to write a personal statement, looking for a job or looking forward to join an international competition for a scholarship.

In this case, the personal statement is directed towards winning a scholarship at the law school.

The purposes of a personal statement are: Using a personal statement, the student is able to indicate their judgment and priorities.The personal statement prompt may simply ask the student to write something about themselves or write about their academic and personal interests in an essay that does not exceed one thousand.Given the personal statement is a personal paper, there is not a set-out mode that the students should use whenever they are required to write one.If you’ve had significant leadership positions in student government or non-profits, then write about how they’ve matured you or how you hope to carry those efforts forward with a legal education.If a serious obstacle in your life has affected how you’ve studied or spent your time in extracurriculars, then write about that experience.When canvassing your family and friends, you may want to show them your chronology as a way to help move along your conversations with them.With all this information organized into a chronology, you should be able to easily generate compelling topics for personal statements.The student has to make their life story for the panel is convincing enough, so that they have met the student who they are likely to give the chance to study at the law school.The law school essay outline takes on the format of a personal statement.Sometimes, after an admissions dean has read through an applicant’s resume and list of activities, it’s obvious what a person should write about.If you’re a serious collegiate athlete, write about that.


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