Benefits Of Business Continuity Planning

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What are their duties in the event of a problem and what, if any, additional training will they require to carry them out?

Large enterprises, banks for example, take disaster recovery very seriously indeed.

You also benefit from specialist centres employing the latest techniques such as Disaster Recovery as a Service (Draa S), which uses the cloud and virtualisation to provide high levels of protection and systems resilience.

Outsourcing your recovery planning also helps in addressing the fact that a business continuity plan isn’t static.

All of these are issues that need to be considered and included in your business continuity plan.

Because business continuity is a complex task, it’s not surprising that many companies look to outsourced solutions.Thanks to the rapid expansion of the cloud, many businesses no longer have in-house servers, so systems are always available from elsewhere.Increasingly, infrastructure can be delivered as a service too, so reliance upon a single physical location is reduced.They often have ‘hot sites’ replicating all of their systems elsewhere so that they can be up and running again within a short time of the main site going down.For smaller businesses this, of course, isn’t an option. Storing backups away from the systems they relate to – preferably on a different site – ensures that they’ll be available in the event of a problem.Nevertheless, you need to give thought to providing access.If you have other sites this might be a solution, allowing staff to temporarily work from elsewhere or from home.While in most companies this may not be a full-time role, it’s important that someone oversees the operation and has sufficient authority within the business to command resources and get things done.Finally, you need to look at the roles of staff at other levels of the business.Whilst this is good in the sense that you know it’s safely stored elsewhere, you need to give consideration to how you would access it in the event of a disaster.If your main office is unavailable you’re going to need another location with internet access to allow you to access your data.


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