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Tchaikovsky has always been a crowd-pleasing favorite, and his music for The Nutcracker ballet is some of the most often-performed music in the world.He was a master of orchestral music that extended beyond the ballet stage.Franz Schubert was like a 19th-century Billy Joel who is best remembered as a prolific songwriter whose career was cut short by an early death from syphilis.

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Over time, Brahms fell deeply in love with Clara Schumann, despite the fact that she was 14 years older and already married.

This attraction caused Brahms a great deal of mental anguish as he struggled to reconcile his feelings with the respect he had both for Clara and her husband, Robert.

Try it risk-free The Romantic era was a European artistic movement that spanned the 19th century.

Music of this era was exciting, passionate, and full of life, as were the composers who created it.

The two had a happy life together until Schumann succumbed to a mental illness that eventually required him to be institutionalized.

Johannes Brahms was discovered by Robert Schumann, who became his mentor and guide.

Schubert loved to sing his lieder while accompanying himself on the piano at musical parties called 'Schubertiades'.

In addition to writing over 600 lieder, he also composed many instrumental works, including his famously 'Unfinished Symphony'.

Almost all of the music he wrote consists of short, one-movement works called character pieces that were created for home performance on the piano.

Born and raised in Poland, Chopin used his music to support nationalistic sentiments that were sweeping Europe by incorporating Polish folk tune idioms into his compositions, which can be heard in his mazurkas and polonaises. Several of his more catchy opera songs can be heard today outside the opera house in commercials, movies, and other pop culture reference media.


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