Bbq Restaurant Business Plan

Evaluate your side dishes to determine their a la carte purchase prices and what they will cost you if you have a “meat-and-three” concept that offers three side dishes with a protein.Adding catering, take-out, delivery and sauce sales can greatly increase your profits or drain your resources, depending on how you set up the operations.Include a variety of breads, vegetables and desserts.

Having an expansive menu with beef, pork, chicken, fish and game might attract more customers but will require you to buy more proteins, reducing the economies of scale you get from specializing in only a few proteins.

Contact suppliers and get their prices for proteins, asking them for suggestions regarding popular choices and year-around affordability.

The show kitchen will also feature a custom made "Fire Fountain", a unique show kitchen grill that also has a cascading water fountain combined with flame throwing torches.

This spectacular marvel will be visible from the dining room side, and will be a functioning 48" gas powered steak grill on the kitchen side.

This can make your results more objective, since participants won’t feel they are critiquing items you have already committed to. Test different names and logos to see which might be the most attractive and memorable.

If you are opening a restaurant based on a concept from another state, consider decorating your restaurant with items from that area.

Most barbecue uses indirect heat, but some restaurants use a combination of barbecuing, smoking, roasting and grilling.

Research what type of cooking equipment you’ll need, which can include wood-fired smokers, grills or ovens, and what type of fuel source – including wood – will fit each concept.

The Fire Fountain Grille is a comfortable, inviting restaurant designed to make our customers feel as if they are enjoying VIP services in a world all to themselves.

The decor and theme is based on an exterior fountain located at the main entrance that has a cascading water fountain combined with flame throwing torches.


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