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Compared to the WNBA’s New York Liberty, the Chicago Bulls averaged almost twice as many people in game attendance, a near 10,000 people difference (;

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No one stood to cheer for either team and although the band and cheerleaders performed at the game, there seemed to be a lack of enthusiasm.

The game seemed almost like a scrimmage or a practice game, not something that actually mattered – at least not to the general SMU population.

Exactly one week later on February 19, 2011 I attended the men’s basketball game and observed a very different atmosphere.

There was an overwhelmingly larger amount of fans at the men’s game, but the student section sparked the most notable difference. “Sports and Male Domination: The Female Athlete as Contested Ideological Terrain.” .

The male athlete represents the pinnacle of masculinity: active, fit, muscular, competitive, a champion. This “gender atypical behavior” can lead to the perception of homosexuality among female athletes.

Female athletes who are active, fit, muscular, and competitive portray gender atypical behavior (Messner, 1988). Many female athletes will even avoid association with the feminist label in fear of being stigmatized as a lesbian.The men’s basketball team wins fans” (Rushing, 2009).Table 1 below presents the average attendance records for five popular Texas universities in 2010.Click here to download the corresponding Power Point presentation.Brenna Rushing said it best when she wrote “The SMU women’s basketball team wins games; the men’s team wins fans” in an article that appeared in the Daily Campus in April of 2009.Everyone was standing, cheering, and the bleachers were nearly full. Two fraternities were in attendance and everyone was sporting the symbolic pony ears in support of the mustangs, the male mustangs. When SMU shot a free throw silence calmed the stadium, but when Tulsa shot from the line roars of distraction filled the student section. The SMU men’s basketball team lost that day 74-66 and the women’s team beat Tulsa 66-58, but it was clear which team won the support of the student body. The lack of support for female athletics is a concern in contemporary America. At SMU, the men’s team averaged nearly one and a half times more fans than the women’s team. I didn’t know what to expect when I entered Moody Coliseum on February 13, 2011 for the SMU women’s basketball game.In order to complement this empirical evidence I attended and photographically documented two basketball games at SMU. Admittedly, I had never been to a women’s collegiate athletic event at Southern Methodist University.


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