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Not all of the material is the same, but they may still help you prepare for my exams.Most are in Adobe PDF format, but a few are in MS-Word.

Not all of the material is the same, but they may still help you prepare for my exams.Most are in Adobe PDF format, but a few are in MS-Word.A breadth of topics will be covered, including problem solving through search, game playing, logic, planning, machine learning and natural language processing, plus some philosophical and ethical issues. (Also the CS 760 text.)Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid, D. Late homeworks may be turned in during class or in the TA's mailbox.

The Security Council in the Face of the Iraqi Aggression on the State of Kuwait and its repercussions (1990-2008).

The Question of Kuwait in the General Assembly (1990-2001).

And the other side of the play is really just an immigrant tale of Afzal, the father, coming to embrace America on one level and, on the other, his continued at-oddness with American life and also with his own daughter’s choices.

It’s a very old tale which is told again and again. Did you have any qualms about taking on the hot-button subject of Islamic faith?

, a witty and compelling comedy of bad manners dealing with the topical and controversial subject of Muslim identity in this country.

In the play, an urbane dinner party, thrown by a successful Pakistani-American lawyer and his Caucasian artist wife at their well-appointed Upper East Side home, breaks down into an unexpectedly brutal examination of the faith and politics of the hosts and their guests.

The play, which received the 2013 Pulitzer Prize for Drama and will be seen again in New York this fall, this time on Broadway, established Akhtar as a new and exciting voice in the American theater.

Born in New York City and raised in Wisconsin to Pakistani immigrants, the actor turned playwright gives voice to a community rarely represented on our stages, grappling with the thorny issues facing an immigrant generation caught between 21st-century mores and the conservative traditions of their faith.

This course offers an in depth exploration of the role of creative producing in professional theater and its relationship to the produced work.

Students will cultivate an understanding of the reciprocal relationship between reading and producing plays, reading plays as literature written for production with a detailed appreciation for what production entails.


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