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This possibility is understandable, since no one is in quite as good an observational position to see through the act as the person who puts it on.Coupled with this, the performer may be moved to guide the conviction of his audience only as a means to other ends, having no ultimate concern in the conception that they have of him or of the situation.The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life Preface I mean this report to serve as a sort of handbook detailing one sociological perspective from which social life can be studied, especially the kind of social life that is organised within the physical confines of a building or plant.

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Doctors who are led into giving placebos, filling station attendants who resignedly check and recheck tyre pressures for anxious women motorists, shoe clerks who sell a shoe that fits but tell the customer it is the size she wants to hear - these are cynical performers whose audiences will not allow them to be sincere.

Similarly, it seems that sympathetic patients in mental wards will sometimes feign bizarre symptoms so that student nurses will not be subjected to a disappointingly sane performance.

When his audience is also convinced in this way about the show he puts on - and this seems to be the typical case - then for the moment at least, only the sociologist or the socially disgruntled will have any doubts about the 'realness' of what is presented.

At the other extreme, we find that the performer may not be taken in at all by his own routine.

The perspective employed in this report is that of the himself and his activity to others, the ways in which he guides and controls the impression they form of him, and the kinds of things he may and may not do while sustaining his performance before them.

In using this model I will attempt not to make light of its obvious inadequacies.

INTRODUCTION [Penguin pages 13 to 27] When an individual enters the of others, they commonly seek to acquire information about him or to bring into play information about him already possessed...

If unacquainted with the individual, observers can glean clues from his conduct and appearance which allow them to apply their previous experiences with individuals roughly similar to the one before them or, more important, to apply untested stereotypes to him. PERFORMANCES [Penguin pages 28 to 82] BELIEF IN THE PART ONE IS PLAYING [Penguin pages 28 to 32] When an individual plays a part he implicitly requests his observers to take seriously the impression that is fostered before them.

In thinking about the scenic aspects of front, we tend to think of the living room in a particular house...

[But, Goffman says, we should also remember hired settings such as gentlemen's clubs, or professional settings such as the hospitals doctors work in.


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