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‘‘However, the modern customer also expects personalized services when it comes to communication via classic channels - especially in real-time,’’ says Bernhard Magin, Managing Director (CFO & COO) at D S communication center management Gmb H.

Therefore, more and more companies are placing their telephone customer services in the hands of skilled service providers, such as the D S Group.

Using the application, the multi-channel service center solution functions can be easily distributed to the various sites - the nationwide D S locations are combined into a single virtual service center.

‘‘Incoming calls are automatically assigned to a specific project or a specific campaign, and thus to a particular location, via the headquarters in Hamburg.

With approximately 3,500 employees, the company provides sophisticated customer care services across ten locations throughout Germany, generating more than 87 million euros per year.

Small wonder: ‘‘Our clients' own customers can decide when, where and how they communicate.

However, this is not the only advantage of Vo IP telephony: by consolidating voice and data networks, D S now only operates a single IT infrastructure.

‘‘In addition, we expect the cost of transporting cross-site calls to drop by as much as 25 per cent,’’ says Böhning.

‘‘Thanks to the Internet protocol, this is now even easier than before,’’ enthuses Böhning.

For example, D S has networked its service center with the telephone system of a large retail company.


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