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You assign the deed to your house to new owners when you sell it.

You assign the deed to your house to new owners when you sell it.

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This can be used to simulate changes in material stiffness, strength or other properties, with staging.

In this case, you must remember to assign materials starting with earlier stages and progressing to later stages, since a given material assignment will propagate from the current stage to all later stages (unless you use the option, see below).

If this occurs, you will have to reset the mesh, and edit the necessary boundaries, so that they intersect). In early versions of the program (prior to version 5), only the material within Excavation boundaries could be excavated. For example, closed regions formed by the intersection of Stage boundaries and the External boundary, can be excavated.

Assignment of Material Properties In most cases, when materials are assigned to a multi-stage model, the assignment is applied at Stage 1, and the material type (for a given region) remains the same for all stages.

However, in the case of assignment, the consent of the non-assigning party may be required by a contractual provision.

The assignment does not necessarily have to be in writing; however, the assignment agreement must show an intent to transfer rights.

The common law favors the freedom of assignment, so an assignment will generally be permitted unless there is an express prohibition against assignment in the contract.

Where assignment is thus permitted, the assignor need not consult the other party to the contract.

A related concept of assignment is novation wherein, by agreement with all parties, one contracting party is replaced by a new party.

While novation requires the consent of all parties, assignment needs no consent from other non-assigning parties.


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