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Tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin by Yigal Amir at a 1995 rally in Tel Aviv in support of the Oslo Accords.Israelis commemorated the anniversary last week because their calendar is different from ours.I have the impression that Ephron‘s book makes the argument that the assassination transformed Israel. That Washington Post story suggests that Netanyahu does not think the assassination changed Israel: At a meeting in Israel’s parliament last week, Netanyahu brushed aside speculation of what would have happened if Rabin had lived. He blamed radical Islam instead for the violence, a movement that has “nothing to do with us.” Netanyahu said that Israel must control all of the occupied territory “for the foreseeable future.” In answer to the opposition, Netanyahu said, “You think there is a magic wand here, but I disagree. Also on our site, Yossi Gurvitz has described a broader conspiracy to kill Rabin, which he says the Israeli government was incapable of investigating, lest it lead to greater division and violence.

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In amateur footage of Beitar’s game against Macabbi Tel Aviv, dozens of the club’s fans clad in the team’s traditional yellow jersey can be seen chanting Amir’s name, incorporated into the club’s fight song.

Beitar Jerusalem is known for its right-wing fan base, and its recent games against Israeli Arab teams have required up to 600 police officers, private security guards and undercover detectives, who have attempted to root out displays of hostility and calls of racist incitement among fans., along with Nancy Updike and Ira Glass.

[Rivlin said,] “It was [Rabin] who united Jerusalem for us, and he, who commanded of us – proponents and opponents of Oslo alike – to safeguard Jerusalem.

In 1992, it was Rabin who said at the first session of the 13th Knesset, ‘This government, just as those before it, holds that there is no difference of opinion over the status of Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel.

In one famous incident, Benjamin Netanyahu, then the opposition leader, addressed a protest in downtown Jerusalem where demonstrators held posters portraying Rabin in an Arab headscarf or Nazi uniform.

Saturday’s rally showed clips of that protest as well as other images that vilified Rabin.In our opinion, Jerusalem is not up for debate, and there can be no peace without Jerusalem.’ So said Yitzchak Rabin.” The President went on to emphasize that specifically during the current period, the issue of keeping Jerusalem united was of high importance.He said, “During these difficult days, when we are being asked to relinquish our control of Jerusalem our capital, when there are those who dare to deny the very link between Zion and Zionism, between the mountain, and the house that stood there, between the people and the very core of their being, at the very time discordant voices try to question our sovereignty, and perhaps harder still, at the time when it seems our own red lines begin to blur and fade in the name of bowing to pragmatism, it seems that specifically now, we must remember and hold high the banner of a united Jerusalem.”Israel Football Association officials are considering taking disciplinary action against Beitar Jerusalem after a group of its fans were seen chanting slogans praising former prime minister Yitzhak Rabin’s assassin, Yigal Amir, during a game Tuesday night.The complete and united Jerusalem, always was and always be, the capital of the Jewish people, under the sovereignty of Israel.This government is unequivocal in its belief that Jerusalem is not up for debate’.” The President added, quoting Rabin, and said, “In Israel, there is agreement on one thing – a united Jerusalem as the continued capital of Israel.The conservative Likud member is opposed to a Palestinian state but speaks often of the need for peaceful coexistence.He has been branded an Arab-lover by his critics and vilified on social media as a Nazi.She was sentenced for a year and received a hero’s welcome when she was released.None of the members of the second part of the ring were ever indicted – or, as far as I know, even drummed out of the army. One gunmen could be described as a lone nut; six, coming from the same yeshivas, could not. People were seriously concerned about the possibility of a civil war at the time.Ephron said recently that the Amir family are not outcasts in Israel– far from it.He also talked about his book with Americans for Peace Now. On our site, James North has repeatedly cited the murder of Rabin for daring to offer land for peace and the wide support for his killer as evidence that the two-state solution is a pipedream; Israel is incapable of withdrawing the settlers.


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