Argumentative Essay Nutrition

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“The science behind the diet is ketosis which means that you are burning your fat stores and using them as a source of fuel.

When the body is releasing ketones, it is consuming your own fat” (Atkins, 61).

This is easily done when the majority of the foods on a typical day’s menu are eliminated.

There’s nothing revolutionary about the Atkin’s diet.

Too much fat in the diet gives clogs the arteries which could lead to coronary heart disease.

Argumentative Essay Nutrition

Serotonin, a hormone derived from carbohydrates, controls our emotions.

It is true that the average American diet contains too many carbohydrates and that people lose weight from cutting them in the diet. Is there some magical phenomenon that occurs in the body when high carbohydrate foods are abolished? The Atkins diet essentially eliminates several foods and food groups like fruits, cereals, breads, grains, starches, baked goods, dairy products, starchy vegetables, and sweets.

This basically is a drop in the calorie intake- the basis of any weight loss diet.

The average American diet not only contains too much carbohydrates but too much of everything — sugar, salt, protein, and most of all, fat.

Carbohydrates should not be omitted but limited in the diet, just as everything else should be .


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