Ap Biology Homework

Sometimes, passing rates in the most difficult subjects are very high because only the most dedicated students take the class.

A smaller pool of more serious students will be a better-prepared group overall.

The more discussion threads that you both submit, the greater the extra credit boost at the end of semester. Students must complete a SCa R in their ETD(Entry Task Diaries)as an exit task every day that we have class.

The ultimate goal of this is to get students to process the learning targets from each AP Biology lesson, so that they are ready for the AP Biology Test in May and to foster a connection between their learning at school and the learning that can continue at home with their parents. SCa R = S(Simplify), C(Connect), a(and) R(Repeat) Simplify = 3 Key Words and Ideas defined in your own words, short and sweet.

Students who are ABSENT have 5 school days to make up missed assignments from the day of that absence.

If the assignments are not made up after five days then they receive a zero for the assignment.

: Watch 1-I video lecture, and read the corresponding pages in the textbook.

Watch 1-II video lecture, and read the corresponding pages in the textbook.

If the passing rate is on the lower side, it may indicate a more difficult class.

However, the passing rate can also be a deceptive statistic.


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