An Impulsive Decision Essay

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Like with drug addiction and gambling, impulsive behavior leads to regret of the action without it being enough to stop the behavior previously.

On the other hand, researchers such as Michalczuk, Bowden-Jonesm Verdejo-García and Clark established for main components of impulsive behavior: Inability to plan or prepare: driven by our impulses, we can’t prepare for the expected logical consequences, on the contrary, surprise becomes the main characteristic where “anything can happen”.

Keep a calendar with your good days and bad days, this helps maintain the focus on the good days where you didn’t give in to the impulsive behaviors Family and friends can help you keep track of these behaviors and can sometimes even drive you to calm if needed.

Trust someone to let you know when you might get out of hand so they can lead the way for you.

Each impulse is different and has different consequences, from eating an extra piece of cake when we shouldn’t, to stealing, breaking things and even self-mutilation.

In the abyss of impulsive behavior, even our own lives or the ones we love might be in danger.

In other words, until when can we restrain and postpone our impulses and emotions. Therefore, impulsive behavior is a tendency to act without thinking about the consequences of your actions and these actions usually occur in reaction to some event that has caused the person to have an emotional response.

Discover in this article what is impulsive behavior? Neuroscience has discovered the path an impulse and an idea becomes a behavior in the brain (through PET images: Positron emission tomography) and eventually an uncontrollable compulsion.

These are common expressions we hear every day and we might have even said them occasionally. Impulsiveness can be defined as a particular way of perceiving the world, where there is a predisposition to act uncontrollably and fast when faced with an event, an interior or exterior stimulus.

They tell us how we self-regulate or self-control our words, actions, and behavior. There is a flaw in the person’s analytical judgment meaning he/she doesn’t think about the consequences of their actions.


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