An Essay On Importance Of Examination

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I cannot study all the time for my mind will not be able to cope with it.

In exams featuring essay or short-answer questions, most questions contain a clue word.

Marks on tests are frequently altered on students' coercion or a teacher/examiner's admittance of human error on his/her part.

Pushier/convincing students can push examiners/tutors into raising their grades and exercise this talent frequently.

It is more difficult to monitor students who don't take their exams in the main examination room or at the same date and time as the regular exams, because of disability adjustments or resits, and we can't do away with these.

If exams are supposed to be a way to prevent cheating, they aren't infallible by any means.

By making exams the main way of catagorising us we decide that in the real world memory and test taking are more important than the pratical aspects of each profession.

Even though exams are closely monitored and there are severe penalties if they are found cheating, students can still sneak information into exams.

Education should free the mind not restrict it to guidelines that are NOT transparent (As the pandemic of misunderstood Andagogy(opposite of pedagogy) keeps teachers from spoon-feeding or spelling things out).

Intellectual exploration is impeded with constant pulls towards mastering guess work and memorising 'standard' methods of answering 'repeated types' of questions that were originally set to test a student's response to unfamiliar problems.


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