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They may well have opinions, backed by empirical evidence, that suggest that the primary reforms backfired.Or, they may be tempted to discuss the normative issue of whether it is better to leave politics in the hands of the professionals who may be better informed or more experienced than the voters, who are only episodically involved in the political process.

Almost any question you may encounter on an exam will open up a number of related issues.

It is important that you exercise discipline to avoid being lured into a tangential discussion that is not directly pertinent to the question.

Interesting matters to be sure, but they are not what the question demands that you address and they should be introduced only if you can make a strong case that they belong in your answer.

The key to a successful exam is to develop an argument in your essays. You need not worry that you may advance an argument with which your grader disagrees: that is of no consequence.

The grader may be a strong proponent of the primary system, while you argue that it has been a great misfortune for America. Your grade will depend on how well you develop your thesis, whatever that thesis is. Read the question and decide where you stand on it.

Once you have decided on the thesis you wish to propound, organize your essay to support it.

Someone in the Department of Government will read your essays.

If you pass all three essays, you will be awarded credit for the examination.

It is a more demanding version of the CLEP Exam in American Government, the AP Exam in Government and Politics, and the UT Austin Test on Texas Government, which are used for credit by examination for GOV 310L.

The examination is graded by regular Department of Government faculty; therefore, there is no point in wasting your time taking the examination if you have not read the assigned books carefully and developed considerable mastery of the material.


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