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and at the same time prepare your students for the AP Literature and Composition Exam.It's easy to add this unit to your lesson plan, and it will save you hours of preparation.

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” by Paulo Coelho.” The silence balloons into something big and palpable between us.

That your scars, those jagged stories, knitted with conflict which tattoo your limbs and your internal organs are signs, are omens from a higher power that give your life meaning and purpose.” My 30 year old self looks down, kicks dust for awhile and as if talking to his toes, “What’s the book again?

I broke a rule I set for myself to never go over two weeks without writing a post.

I often use the term ‘writers block’ as an excuse for my hiatus to writing, which is, against the desire of my heart and soul.

It is my desire to tell my story in the best form of communication that I am capable of.

It is my desire to listen to my heart, for each word typed, is inspired by it.Along the way, he runs into many obstacles and the journey quickly turns into an adventure.The constant theme in The Alchemist is to pursue your dreams by following what your heart desires. You feel obligated to adopt people’s opinions as your truth because you desperately fear rejection.The premise of is simple: A poor sheep herder, Santiago, decides to sell his flock to go questing across the Arabic dessert for a treasure supposedly located near the pyramids of Egypt.And this “good life” will gnaw us, dog us, press us and leave us with a hollow heart that beats and beats and beats as we stagger through a desert life, a life that mercifully ends with our inevitable death. Whether we’re ready for it or not, we will hear everyone’s opinions about ourselves.If we adopt what other’s think of us as our truths, we will come to hate ourselves. ) to selling more then 65 million copies and translated into 80 different languages, a Guinness Record for most translated book by a living author. 30 year old self turns up his eyes, offers that familiar, coy smile only found in photo albums now. “So this sold only 1 copy in the first week, how it took 6 months for a second copy to sell (both copies were bought by the same person!I recently read the book, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.The Alchemist tells a story of a young shepherd boy who goes on a journey and quest for treasure to realize his ‘personal legend’.


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