Adventure In Jungle Essay

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Fast flowing rivers emerge from underground, bringing more questions than answers about their origins.

Many of the caves in the area have been forged by these raging torrents, but local experts are still unaware of where the majority of them start from. Jungle men think that this underground river springs back up to the surface somewhere across the border in Laos.

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is home to the world’s largest cave – Hang Son Doong.

The cave was first discovered by a local man, Ho Khanh, in 1990 while he was out hunting in the jungle.

Dear Phong Nha, It pains me to know that we are no longer sitting in the shadows of your limestone peaks, breathing in the bucolic air as our eyes admiringly survey the Son River.

Some of the best months of our entire lives were spent enveloped by your charming setting.

Luckily for residents, new opportunities are being presented thanks to a new industry developing in town – Tourism.

Standing at the exit of an unnamed cave that was only first discovered late in 2014, despite being less than 100m to the colossal Paradise Cave.

It was only when we were out walking one day that we noticed just how beautiful this swimming hole actually is.

How many other pristine spots had we missed that sat there in the open just like this one?


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