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In cultures which value punctuality, being late is tantamount to...Punctuality is the characteristic of being able to complete a required task or fulfil a moral duty before or at a previously-designated time.

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Punctuality is the habit of doing things exactly in time. A punctual person is always one step ahead of others. But if you are not stick on your work promptly, punctually, how can you become a better person I your life?

Punctuality is essential for man in every walk of life. If you are punctual you will get enough time to do your work according to your plan. If you want to be a successful businessman, you have to be very particular in being punctual.

These two similar situations show how different people react to punctuality and how if they are running companies how the employees would react differently to their supervisors.

Although women seem to be more absent from work than men due to unavoidable circumstances like maternity leave, while men walk into work late and waste a lot of time reading the newspapers during company time.

Employees should strive to be punctual at the work place and in their work so that they can not only improve the quality of their work and the image of the company.

However, there are more ways of promoting employee punctuality in the workplace other than the ways suggested and discussed in this paper.Webb (46) argues that a positive attitude towards ones work can help foresee if the employee will be punctual during their work term and also deadlines affect the completion of the tasks given to employees.Wardy (105) study found out that the three main reasons as to why employees are not punctual at the workplace are; lack of respect, lack of accountability and lack of organization.In his findings, he made the conclusion that not even once did the employees or the supervisors apologize for being late.On the other hand while he was an employee at Panasonic, a Japanese company, his superior profusely apologized for coming into a meeting late although he could not help it as an emergency had caused the delay.Lack of organization is when employees do not manage their time or they do not effectively plan their time and the tasks they are supposed to finish at an allocated time period.Therefore these employees end up with a lot of things to do and with no time to finish their tasks resulting in lateness.Punctuality is a very important part of military life for several reasons.one reason is that if someone is late for a patrol or convoy that patrol or convoy might haveto leave without that person.In conclusion punctuality in the workplace depends on the company values, time allocated for the completion of each task as well as the individuals themselves.Employees with a longer deadline are most likely to finish their tasks later than those with a shorter deadline due to procrastination.


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