A Systematic Literature Review On Service Description Methods

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Some see touchpoints as the key building block of customer journeys (Meroni and Sangiorgi, 2011; Stickdorn and Schneider, 2010), others disregard touchpoints in their discussion of customer journeys and rather address events (Crosier and Handford, 2012) or service encounters (Tax , 2013).

Some consider customer journeys as a tool for reporting and visualizing user research (e.g.

Within the field of design, Parker and Heapy’s (2006) pamphlet , 2010; Kimbell, 2011; Manschot and Visser, 2011).

This pamphlet presents journeys as a lens for “seeing services as people do” (p. Parker and Heapy forcefully argue for the usefulness of this perspective, based on practical examples and interviews from case organizations within the private and public sectors.

The paper concludes by discussing the implications and limitations of the findings, as well as future work (Sections 6 and 7).

The historical roots of the customer journey perspective are challenging to trace, as it has appeared in different fields of practice and research more or less in parallel.For more information about e Books including troubleshooting, see the Library's e Book Help Guide.Customer journeys have become an increasingly important topic in service management and design.Driven by the current interest in customer journeys, various customer journey approaches have emerged.We understand customer journey approaches to be methods and practices where the service process is analyzed, modeled, managed, or (re)designed applying a customer journey perspective.Specifically, it contributes an overview of how the term customer journey is used in the literature, as well as existing customer journey approaches.For this purpose, the paper presents a systematic literature review of peer-reviewed research papers from journals and conferences concerning customer journeys in the period 1991-2012. Section 2 presents a background on customer journeys and related approaches followed by the research questions (Section 3), the review method (Section 4), and the key findings (Section 5).The purpose of this paper is to review customer journey terminology and approaches within the research literature prior to 2013, mainly from the fields of design, management, and marketing.The study was conducted as a systematic literature review.The current body of knowledge on customer journeys reflects a mix of related perspectives rather than a single commonly acknowledged customer journey perspective.Some view customer journeys as clearly delimited service processes with marked start- and endpoints (Whittle and Foster, 1991), others see customer journeys as more open-ended processes comparable to the customer loyalty staircase (Nichita , 2012).


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