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It is necessary to carefully approach the selection of arguments to confirm your point of view. Data from the relevant sciences, historical facts, and facts from social life are used as arguments.

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It is necessary to note the fact that students often choose topics that are easy to write on.

However, in any case, it is necessary to choose the topic so that while writing on it, you can fully demonstrate the completeness of your knowledge and the depth of your thoughts (that is, it must be a winning topic).

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You need to hone your skills in practice with the help and careful control of the teacher.

Let’s find out how you can write a good sociology paper.Introduction – the presentation of the problem as stated by the author, and its relevance. Main body – the author’s point of view, argumentation at the theoretical level, and at least two examples from social practice, history, and/or literature, confirming the correctness of the opinions expressed. Conclusion – the main ideas of the arguments brought together and a summary of the reasoning confirming the correctness or incorrectness of the judgment on the subject of the essay.From the chosen topics, it is necessary to choose the one that the student knows best.With sustainable skills, good results appear after 2-3 months of work (approximately 15-20 written essays).Systematic exercises and dedication bring high performance.” That is why this type of paper must contain a strong argument, scientific content, and concretization.At the same time, it should be noted that unusual, paradoxical statements are often used as the topic of the essay, requiring figurative thinking and a non-standard approach to solving the problem.The student must express his or her personal attitude to the chosen topic in clearly expressed wording (“I agree,” “I disagree,” “I do not quite agree,” “I agree, but partially,” or phrases similar in meaning).The presence of a personal relationship is one of the criteria on the basis of which the essay is evaluated by the professor.It should be remembered that any personal example is easy to “transform” into an example from social life and practice if you write about it from a detatched perspective.The number of arguments in the essay is not limited, but having 3-5 arguments is the best option for uncovering the topic.


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