A Practical Guide To Critical Thinking

A Practical Guide To Critical Thinking-58
There are numerous cases in the service industry where businesses lost potentially huge customers and clients because of judging people wrongly.A famous case is that of Hyderabad’s Nizam who was denied entry into a Rolls Royce showroom owing to his simple grooming.This is markedly different from those who don’t think critically, as their reasoning often gives way to emotional handling of things.

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Critical thinking includes identification of prejudice, bias, propaganda, self-deception, distortion, misinformation, etc.

Given research in cognitive psychology, some educators believe that schools should focus on teaching their students critical thinking skills and cultivation of intellectual traits.

It has been observed that people with critical thinking abilities are not so much interested in listening to the extent of the damage of the problem before setting to work upon addressing it.

This means their approach to problem-solving remains the same for every problem they face.

He later went on to purchase a Rolls Royce, ordered large brooms to be tied around its front wheels, and sent the car to sweep the streets of Hyderabad, much to the global embarrassment of the reputed car manufacturer.

Critical Thinking is defined as the ability of putting forth an open-minded inquiry.

Reasoning is the everyday process that we all use in order to draw conclusions from facts or evidence.

To think critically about what you read and hear is a vital skill for everyone, whether you are a student or not.

However, human reasoning is not always flawless because it’s not always based on logic.

It has been frequently observed that human reasoning is influenced by emotional bias. We tend to judge people based on their appearances but are often proven wrong too.


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