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None of the Church's rituals or rules was able to answer this question.

Luther continued fervently to read the Bible and was particularly moved by the Apostle Paul's letter to the early Roman church, where he read about justification by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Events that couldn't be explained - like personal tragedies, bad harvests or even wars - were viewed as the consequences of a pact with the devil.

Those thought to have entered into such deals were usually burned at the stake.

Luther's search for acceptance by God In 1512, Luther - already highly respected by his colleagues and superiors - earned his doctorate in theology and became a professor at the University of Wittenberg.

Nevertheless, Martin Luther was still searching for a merciful God and continued to ask the question: What must I do to be approved by God?

Less than a fortnight later, Luther knocked on the door of the Augustinian cloister in Erfurt and asked to be accepted into the order.

Luther's early life as a monk Driven by his search for a merciful God and fear of missing out on life after death, Luther saw an opportunity to experience a fulfilled life inside the walls of the monastery.

In the late Middle Ages and beginning of the modern era, the Christian faith was dominated by the Roman-Catholic Church.

The Church's dogma and rules dictated people's lives, and God was seen as a judgmental figure who never let a mistake go unpunished.


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