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5th Grade Essay Prompts-58
Or do they make you sad because you are one of those people who needs the sun to be shining to feel happy inside?Prompt 35: Write a story with this opening…Once upon a time in a land called Trop, there lived 3 moskolopes. What type of creatures are moskolopes and what happens to them in the land of Trop?

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When you go up the sidewalk, all of the lights are off and it looks like no one is home, but you knock on the door anyway. Do you think if you watched the same show now, five years later, you would still find it as interesting as you did then? Prompt 10: On your way home from school one day, you find a magic talking rock.

It tells you that you will be granted your heart’s desire, but first you must complete one really difficult task.

When you look inside the drawers, you find a hidden letter which has yellowed from age. Prompt 25: Every day at exactly , the elderly lady who lives across the street from you goes into her garden, looks up at the sky and sings a song from an opera.

Write a short story about who she is and why she does that. Do you like them because everything feels fresh afterwards and you like a day of coziness and laziness?

Sometimes it can be good to go for a controversial topic; however, this is not always necessary.

It is perfectly acceptable to go for a topic which you feel strongly about, even if it isn’t risqué.What is your heart’s desire and what do you have to do to earn it?Prompt 11: You’re in an elevator with the one person in the world that you really dislike. Write a story in which you two become friends by the time you are rescued. Prompt 12: The headline of your local newspaper reads MAN DIGS UP TREASURE IN HIS OWN BACKYARD! Be sure to mention why he was digging in the first place and what he found.These creative writing prompts for 5th grade students will spark the imagination of even the most reluctant writer! Write about who opened the door and what your reaction was.They are unique writing topics that will allow your 5th graders to freely create bold new narratives…For Halloween, you and your best friend decide to go to the house which everyone says is owned by a witch. Prompt 9: What was your favorite TV show when you were in kindergarten?They are both the same style of writing and the names are interchangeable; therefore, whether you are asked to write a persuasive or an argumentative paper, the approach is the same.Fifth grade students are expected to master and utilize many skills when developing and writing essays.What do you do and what do you tell the other person about why you can’t come to his party?Prompt 18: You are having a nightmare where dinosaurs are chasing you.Related Article" class="css-11cwn6f" src="https://static01com/images/2018/04/11/learning/hale6-pencils LN/hale6-pencils LN-article Large.jpg? quality=75&auto=webp&disable=upscale" src Set="https://static01com/images/2018/04/11/learning/hale6-pencils LN/hale6-pencils LN-article Large.jpg? quality=90&auto=webp 600w,https://static01com/images/2018/04/11/learning/hale6-pencils LN/hale6-pencils LN-jumbo.jpg? quality=90&auto=webp 1024w,https://static01com/images/2018/04/11/learning/hale6-pencils LN/hale6-pencils LN-super Jumbo.jpg? quality=90&auto=webp 2048w" sizes="((min-width: 600px) and (max-width: 1004px)) 84vw, (min-width: 1005px) 60vw, 100vw" item Prop="url" item ID="https://static01com/images/2018/04/11/learning/hale6-pencils LN/hale6-pencils LN-article Large.jpg?


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