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Also he banished from Lacedaemon all strangers who were there for no useful purpose..fear that they might teach the people some mischief.

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Sparta Directions: In a structured five-paragraph essay, answer the question below using quotes from the 11 provided primary sources to support your claims.

You must use (directly quote) at least 6 documents total from the 11 below which clearly contrast Athens and Sparta with regard to their government, economy and culture.

PRIMARY SOURCE DOCUMENTS- Athens and Sparta Document 1- Excerpt from “The Persian Wars, Book VI, ’56-60. The kings alone give decision on the following cases....it is ordained that they shall sit in council with the elders, who are in number twenty-eight, and if they do not come, those of the elders who are most closely related to them shall have the privileges of the kings and give two votes besides their own, making them three in all.

These rights have been assigned to the kings for their lifetime by the Spartan state....

You should include the following components in your essay: I.

An introduction that has a hook, sets the stage with historical background to the content and has a clear thesis statement that addresses the prompt.

Others, however, declare the Ephoralty to be a tyranny, and find the element of democracy in the common meals and in the habits of daily life.

At Lacedaemon, for instance, the Ephors determine suits about contracts, which they distribute among themselves, while the elders are judges of homicide, and other causes are decided by other magistrates.

Colleagues who work on ancient philosophy tell me that it I am most grateful to the organizers of the GIREA conference, in particular Dr. - The Archaeology of Greek and Roman Slavery, London 2003 and du Bois, P.

Anastasia Serghidou, for inviting me to present this paper, and for the admirable way in which the conference was conducted, in pleasant venues and among congenial colleagues. - Slaves and other Objects (Chicago and London 2003) came to my attention too late for more than superficial consideration.


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